A Different Approach to Lead Generation

Are you sitting over there dreaming up new ways to generate sales leads? I’d like to share with you a recent success story we had. One of our clients wanted a new approach to attracting prospects and achieving greater visibility in their target markets. In the past, the company had relied solely on trade shows for lead generation, but it was now ready to explore other ways of engaging with potential customers.

We began by asking the client about some of its recent sales. We wanted to know: What product did you sell? Why did the prospect buy it? Gathering this info helped us build a more detailed picture of the client’s products, customers, and sales prospect profile.

Finally, we asked the most important question: What did your prospect need to understand before buying from you? The answer: The prospect needed to understand the new technology and its various applications. Our client expertly addressed these issues, and the sale went ahead.

Since our client’s prospects needed to understand our client’s new technology, we suggested that the client create a white paper. A white paper would be an excellent way of promoting our client’s knowledge and expertise to more prospects in the future. Our team got to work producing the white paper and, within a couple of weeks, we had an engaging, informative piece of content to use in educating prospects.

202 Communications white paper generation

We began marketing the white paper by sending out an e-blast to the client’s existing database. It got a great response. The client was especially pleased that the white paper had been downloaded by a number of contacts who hadn’t been in touch for a while.

We then produced a series of follow-up of emails, with a call to action to receive a further piece of informative content (i.e., a new product data sheet). Everyone who responded to this offer was then presented with the choice of a demo, consultation, or quote.

With the first phase of the campaign successfully up and running, we moved onto phase two. Using a third-party service, we promoted the white paper to potential prospects outside of the client’s own database. In this case, we used an industry magazine with approximately 25,000 audited subscribers.

This was highly successful, as hundreds of brand-new opt-ins were soon added to the client’s database! These new contacts immediately went into the follow-up email sequence mentioned previously. The result: A significant increase in requests for demos and quotes.

This is just one example of how we can help create and then market a piece of content for our clients.

If you have a great white paper, case study, or user story, but you’re not sure how best to promote it — or you simply don’t have the time — then please get in touch with me at neil@202comms.com or info@202comms.com.



Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications

neil howman