Viaccess-Orca (InBroadcast)

The latest data from Juniper Research found that global OTT revenues will reach $120 billion in 2022, up from $64 billion in 2017. The research also estimates that over a quarter of global households will subscribe to SVOD services by 2022. As pay-TV operators look to address the growing consumer demand for TV Everywhere services and drive new revenue, several innovative technologies have emerged to help them achieve those goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


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Harmonic (Broadcast Bridge)

Video consumption is changing with increased demand for video content anytime, anywhere, on any screen. As broadcasters and pay-TV operators look to deliver more content, including live, VOD, catch-up TV and startover
TV, to subscribers on a wide range of devices, being agile is becoming progressively more important.

With a software as a service (SaaS) video delivery approach, operators can increase workflow efficiency, cut
costs by eliminating hardware dependence, and speed up time to market for new channels and enhancements
to existing services.

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Harmonic Enables Magyar Telekom to Maximize Bandwidth Savings and Add New HD Channels to IPTV Service

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services, today announced that Magyar Telekom, a leading telecommunications operator in Hungary, has successfully deployed Harmonic’s EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution for its IPTV service. With the EyeQ solution, the operator is able to deliver additional HD channels and realize a 30 percent bandwidth saving on the aggregated constant bit rate (CBR) core network, without investing in additional network infrastructure. Harmonic’s reseller Yazoo ensured a smooth deployment at every stage of the project.

“When looking for a bandwidth optimization solution for our DOCSIS and ADSL IPTV platforms, the key requirements were high video quality, outstanding reliability and standards compliancy,” said Ferenc Szűcs, TV network senior advisor at Magyar Telekom. “Harmonic’s EyeQ solution not only meets all our requirements today but is also an investment into the future since it can be extended to other delivery platforms and cost-effectively deployed anywhere aggregated video bandwidth is limited by network capacity.”

The EyeQ encoded stream is fully H.264 compliant, so there are no changes to today’s ecosystem, whether it’s based on SaaS, appliances, virtual machines or native-cloud infrastructure. By reducing the bit rate required for high-quality video delivery, the EyeQ solution delivers substantial opex and capex savings to the operator. Magyar Telekom also employed advanced statistical multiplexing technology from Harmonic, which aggregates the variable bit rate (VBR) encoded channels into a CBR core network to optimize its bandwidth.

“HD video is in high demand, and with the Harmonic EyeQ solution, Magyar Telekom is able to satisfy the consumer requirement for a high-quality viewing experience in a capex-friendly way,” said Ian Graham, senior vice president of sales, EMEA and LATAM, at Harmonic. “The operator’s ability to deliver more HD services significantly improves their position within the marketplace, maximizing revenue.”


Viaccess-Orca, Wiztivi, and EKT Join Forces to Introduce Cross-Platform OTT and IPTV Solution

Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions; Wiztivi, a leading company for multiscreen user interfaces (UI); and EKT, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of set-top box solutions, have joined forces to create an end-to-end (E2E) OTT multiscreen and IPTV solution for pay-TV operators and service providers.

“It is challenging to deliver content to a growing number of connected devices over different delivery networks. On top of it all, today’s pay-TV operators must also provide an exceptional user experience to stand apart from the competition,” said Chem Assayag, EVP Marketing and Sales at Viaccess-Orca. “Partnering with Wiztivi and EKT, we’ve simplified the management and delivery of next-generation OTT and IPTV services, enabling pay-TV operators to drive new revenue streams and increase viewer satisfaction by making the TV experience feature-rich, personalized, and consistent across screens.”

The joint multiplatform and multiscreen TV and DVB hybrid solution enables operators to dramatically speed up the time-to-market for services and meet next-generation user experience expectations. Seamless integration has been achieved between VO’s TV Platform, on premise and cloud; Wiztivi TIMELESSUI® cross-platform UI solution; and EKT Solid TV STB solutions. Stringent deployment timelines can be easily attained through a combination of VO’s TV Platform and TIMELESSUI portability to virtually any targeted environment, including iOS®, Android™, and EKT STB. Portability guarantees the same user interface and user experience across devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, STBs, and connected TVs.

Viaccess-Orca’s TV Platform delivers TV services to any device across any network, enabling operators to manage, deliver, and monetize multiscreen content easily. The TV Platform includes functionalities for content, service delivery, customer, and device management; content discovery and personalization; content protection; and advanced TV analytics. VO’s TV Platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

“As the video services market evolves toward video consumption anywhere and anytime, the rise of OTT services presents an opportunity for pay-TV operators and service providers to enhance their value proposition and for content distributors to increase their revenue,” said Manuel Dujardin, CTO at Wiztivi. “We are proud of this partnership, which showcases how agnostic Wiztivi’s technology is with VO’s cloud platform, enabling a quick time-to-market for IPTV and OTT offerings on a modular UI portal increasing ARPU.”

Combining the power of IPTV/OTT and existing DVB infrastructures into a single STB platform, EKT’s solidTV STB enables operators to meet the television requirements of today and tomorrow. Based on Linux and Android, EKT’s STB is well suited for every market segment, delivering an unmatched user experience with minimal investment.

“We strongly believe in a solid partnership that brings the experts together in one seamless integrated solution,” said Richard Smith, CEO of EKT. “Viaccess-Orca, Wiztivi, and EKT have made a three-way commitment to bring a ready-to-deploy solution to market. This best-in-class combination improves time to market, user experience, and monetization possibilities with a future-proof feature list.”

The new solution will be demonstrated at ANGA COM 2018 at the Wiztivi Booth L61 in Hall 8.

Turkish-Language Channel YOL TV Starts on Astra 19.2 Degrees East with MX1

MX1, a global solution provider of media services, announced today that it has been selected as the distribution service provider for YOL TV, a Turkish-language channel based in Germany, starting June 1. MX1 is delivering the channel via an SES satellite and is providing the satellite uplink. YOL TV broadcasts from its studio in Cologne and transfers the transmission signal via an IP connection directly to MX1.

The free-to-air broadcaster’s programs are now accessible to a much larger audience through the partnership with SES and MX1. YOL TV content is available via satellite only at Astra 19.2 Degrees East and can be received in Turkish-speaking households across Europe.

YOL TV broadcasts predominantly Turkish-language programming, which is also distributed online, focusing on popular political and cultural topics in Turkey, Germany, and the world.

“We welcome YOL TV as a new partner and are pleased that we can help the channel reach a more expansive range of 118 million TV households across Germany and Europe,” said Christoph Mühleib, Managing Director Astra Deutschland, responsible for marketing and sales of Astra and MX1 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“The new partnership with MX1 optimizes the way we deliver content to our audiences,” said Veli Aydin, managing director at YOL TV. “Through satellite broadcasting with MX1, our program reaches more viewers than ever before, including those in our core target audience.”


Broadpeak® Responds to North American Business Growth With New Sales Director Hires

Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, today announced that it has recently hired two new sales directors for the North American region to address increased sales and business growth. Howard Barouxis and Mario Rainville will manage sales and business development activities for the United States and Canada, which include accounts with major content providers, satellite service providers, telcos, MVPDs, and virtual MVPDs. In addition, Broadpeak has increased the number of team members at its operations center in Denver in order to maintain world-class support for its North American customers.

“Technology innovations such as multicast ABR and Cloud PVR are making a significant impact on content delivery in North America. As a leading provider of CDN solutions and the industry’s first-ever multicast ABR solution, Broadpeak experiences a high demand from its customers who want to deliver superior video quality on all screens,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “Howard and Mario both have extensive track records for driving business growth and strong relationships with major pay-TV operators and service providers across North America. They will be critical in helping us deploy next-generation video solutions for our North American customers.”

Prior to joining Broadpeak, Barouxis was a major accounts executive at Harmonic, where he was responsible for managing all sales activities for major U.S. media operators. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from American International College and an MBA in finance from Western New England University. Rainville was previously director of technical solutions and subject matter expert on media delivery offerings at Ericsson. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Laval University.


Kiwisat to Launch New DTH Offering in the Caribbean With WORK Microwave DVB-S2X Modulator

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that satellite TV provider Kiwisat is using WORK Microwave’s DVB Satellite Broadcast Modulator for its new DTH offering in the Caribbean. Fully compliant with all DVB standards, including the latest and most efficient DVB-S2X specification, WORK Microwave’s modulator will provide Kiwisat with increased reliability and service uptime for the distribution of its next-generation DTH service.

“We are excited to be the first DTH platform in North America to rely on DVB-S2X,” said Andrew Wang, CEO of Kiwisat. “Featuring an innovative feature set, robust design, and full DVB support, WORK Microwave’s modulator is the perfect solution to support our new service.”

WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2X Satellite Broadcast Modulator is one of the industry’s only solutions that comes predistortion-ready for automatic group delay and nonlinearity compensation. Using this capability, Kiwisat can mitigate the negative effects in satellite filters and amplifiers, while reducing power and increasing beam coverage, throughput, and availability. By supporting DVB-S2X extensions, WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2X modulator provides Kiwisat with a future-proof platform that offers smaller roll-offs, advanced filtering, and higher modulation schemes for increased efficiency gains.

“Television choices in the Caribbean can be limited,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director, digital products at WORK Microwave. “Relying on a DVB-S2X platform, Kiwisat can boost its bandwidth efficiency and open up space for additional channels. This is a win-win situation, as it will enable subscribers to enjoy more high-quality content and increase profitability for Kiwisat.”

Broadpeak® BroadCache Boxes Approved by HBO Latin America to Optimize Video Delivery in the Region

Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, today announced that it has worked with HBO Latin America on a comprehensive solution to optimize the delivery of its video content. Using Broadpeak’s BroadCache Box local video caching solution, BkA100 analytics, and umbrellaCDN™ content delivery network selector, HBO Latin America can cache video content into operators’ infrastructures, reducing CDN costs and maximizing quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers.

“We must make sure our viewers can enjoy the same high quality of service during peak consumption times. Finding a content delivery solution that can handle bandwidth fluctuations that occur due to the large number of session requests handled by the CDN as a service became imperative,” Emilio Otermin, SVP technology and operations at HBO Latin America. “Broadpeak’s local cache solution has been deployed in pilot operators’ networks to alleviate these issues. Thus far, it allows us cost savings and boosts subscriber satisfaction by ensuring flawless video service quality.”

HBO Latin America distributes video content throughout the region. The Broadpeak BroadCache Boxes are initially deployed over two sites in a Mexican NSP’s network, with more expected in the future. Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end-users, latency and network congestion are reduced, resulting in higher video bitrates, faster start times, and uninterrupted viewing sessions. As the most popular content can represent more than 80 percent of the video traffic, caching at the ISP level significantly lowers CDN service costs.

Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN redirects the session requests to the operator or to the CDN as a service if the session request comes from another NSP. Relying on Broadpeak’s BkA100, HBO Latin America can effectively gather raw data from the local caches and near-real-time analytics about video consumption. Broadpeak’s local cache solution is highly scalable and can easily be added by HBO Latin America to other operator networks in the future.

“We are proud to partner with one of the biggest content providers to offer an improved QoE and pave the way toward creating better relationships between content providers and NSPs,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. “Adding Broadpeak’s local cache solution within an operator’s network, HBO Latin America has the capacity to both enhance QoE and drive down CDN costs, making them more competitive in the marketplace.”