Harmonic Improves OTT Delivery With Expanded Media Orchestration Workflow Capabilities

At IBC2017, Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services, today announced expanded media processing and delivery workflow capabilities for its VOS™ media processing platform to simplify OTT delivery. New workflow orchestration and delivery functionalities, including streamlined content capture, UHD support, personalized ad insertion, and multi-cloud support, are available for VOS Cloud media processing software and VOS 360 managed services. Harmonic has also launched a new stand-alone media origin workflow offering from the VOS platform. Together, these enhancements advance the distribution of OTT content, enabling video content and service providers to deliver crystal-clear video quality on every screen.

“The global OTT video market is experiencing explosive growth, according to Digital TV Research, with revenues expected to reach $64.8 billion by 2021. The latest enhancements to Harmonic’s VOS cloud-native solutions allow video content and service providers to capitalize on those revenue opportunities,” said Bart Spriester, senior vice president, video products at Harmonic. “At IBC2017, we are excited to demonstrate a range of improvements to our OTT solutions portfolio. By enhancing the capabilities of OTT workflows, from acquisition to delivery, Harmonic is enabling better video experiences for consumers and accelerating the time to market for new must-have services.”

The VOS media processing platform offers best-in-class video compression and optimization for OTT, enhanced time-shifted TV capabilities and new streamlined content capture, including support for MXF and MPEG-2 transport stream files, with asset acquisition from local and cloud storage. The solutions also provide a leap forward in QoE for OTT services through newly added UHD encoding and streaming support.

Harmonic’s VOS media processing platform enables dynamic ad insertion for live and VOD OTT streams to increase OTT monetization. Through this capability, ads can be made more relevant to the viewer through hyper-targeting, resulting in increased revenues for OTT operators.

To provide true infrastructure independence, maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness, the VOS offerings allow video content and service providers to deliver OTT services from multiple public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Google Cloud, simultaneously.

As video content and service providers look to speed up time to market for OTT offerings, origin solutions are key to the workflow. The new stand-alone version of the media origin workflow in VOS software enables pay-TV operators to seamlessly upgrade their infrastructure to publish and originate live, time-shift TV and VOD OTT streams to an onsite CDN, directly to cache servers, or to third-party CDN services. This solution supports fMP4 version HLS through the use of CMAF media fragments, enabling operators to simplify the delivery of OTT services as well as target new UHD OTT devices.

Harmonic will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its OTT solutions portfolio at stand 1.B20 at IBC2017 in Amsterdam, Sept. 15-19. Further information about Harmonic and the company’s products is available at www.harmonicinc.com.


WORK Microwave Partners With C2m Solutions to Improve QoS and QoE for Satellite Services

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced a new partnership with C2m Solutions that allows satellite and other content operators to check the quality of video and audio streams in real time, even at the individual transmission stage. Integration between WORK Microwave’s AT-60 media modulator and the LiveTSAFT monitoring probe from C2m Solutions enables operators to receive alerts on events happening on each multiplex, without the need for separate probe equipment per multiplex. Integrating the probe inside the modulator optimizes space, energy consumption, and cooling requirements, while enabling satellite operators to deliver a superior quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) to viewers.

“C2m Solutions has grown successfully over the last few years, delivering state-of-the-art software probes, as standalone products, to customers including the top 10 operators in France and Europe. We are always looking for new ways to improve our technology and match the requirements of customers, and this collaboration with WORK Microwave is the perfect opportunity to do that,” said JF Jézéquel, co-president at C2m Solutions. “We selected WORK Microwave as our technology partner due to their well-known RF quality and strong footprint in the TV industry.’’

Today, it is critical that satellite operators have the ability to instantaneously validate the integrity of transmission, signaling, metadata, and content as well as audio track issues. Failure to identify and diagnose broadcast transmission issues typically results in poor QoE ratings for viewers, which can lead to churn, penalties stipulated in B2B carriage contracts, and loss of advertising revenues. Integrating a probe directly into the modulator helps operators ensure that the quality of the signal is correct at the output of the modulator, simplifying management of complex routing scenarios in teleports or large uplink stations.

C2m Solutions’ LiveTSAFT is a software-based analysis and error-detection probe that monitors MPEG-2 transport streams in real time. Using the probe, satellite operators can effectively manage QoE and QoS at every critical point of the IP network, analyzing all aspects of the stream, from the actual bandwidth per service to the presence of subtitles, multilanguage audio, different DVB tables, black screen, and more. The probe sends information that is stored in a database, giving operators the ability to calculate reports and statistics on the global quality of their service. Operators are alerted about video and audio issues in real time and can determine, through a centralized user interface, where the error exists and correct it as soon as possible.

WORK Microwave’s AT-60 modulator is part of the company’s A-Series modem platform, which provides a flexible DVB-S2X all-IP infrastructure. The AT-60 can be operated for both networking and streaming. A flexible license model for the AT-60 allows cost-effective operation in various transmission applications such as video contribution and distribution, VSAT hubs, and DTH uplinks.

“Today, consumers are more and more aware of the technical video quality of the programs they watch. For operators, it is necessary to monitor this quality and correct defects as quickly as possible,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director, digital products at WORK Microwave. “The benefit of this partnership is that we are able to provide satellite operators with a unified solution for satellite modulation, video and audio analytics, and error detection to boost QoE.”

C2m will demonstrate its solutions at IBC2017, Sept. 15-19 in Amsterdam at stand 2.B39.

WORK Microwave will demonstrate its AT-60 modulator at IBC2017 at stand 5.A77.

Interra Systems Partners With Verimatrix to Improve QoS and QoE for Digital Video Content

Interra Systems, a global provider of quality control (QC) and monitoring solutions to the digital media industry, today announced a partnership with Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services. Broadcasters, pay-TV, and OTT service providers can now use Interra Systems’ ORION™ content monitoring suite to deliver superior quality of experience (QoE) for content protected by the Verimatrix ViewRight® Web security client solution. The integrated solution is purely software-based, and operators have the flexibility to deploy it either on cloud-based servers or in their local data centers.

As the OTT market matures, the need for superior QoE is now more critical than ever. Service providers have been typically relying on monitoring solutions with basic quality of service (QoS) without delving into deeper issues within the protected content. This partnership with Verimatrix allows Interra Systems’ solutions to monitor in-depth quality of such content, which is not possible otherwise.

“With its end-to-end QC and monitoring solutions, Interra Systems is committed to helping operators increase revenue by delivering high-quality content. To this end, we have been expanding our support for DRM-protected content,” said Anupama Anantharaman, director, product marketing and sales, Interra Systems. “We are truly excited to be partnered with Verimatrix, a leader in revenue security solutions. We expect operators who are using the Verimatrix DRM solutions to benefit from this partnership. We already have a major broadcaster in Malaysia that has deployed our combined solution for delivering live channels and VOD content.”

Interra Systems’ ORION content monitoring family makes it easy for operators in the global broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, and OTT markets to deliver flawless video on every device through their software-defined architecture, comprehensive audio and video checks, and easy deployability on cloud-based infrastructures. ORION™-OTT, one of the industry’s first software-based OTT solutions, validates ABR streams along with QoE in real time for multiscreen service delivery over unmanaged networks.

“In the current competitive landscape, monitoring the quality of and protecting online video content is equally critical, especially in terms of monetizing multiscreen video services,” said Petr Peterka, chief technology officer at Verimatrix. “With Interra Systems, whose QC and monitoring solutions are widely adopted and trusted by operators around the world, we have streamlined this process for our customers who are using Interra Systems’ solutions.”

Verimatrix offers a complete multiscreen and multi-DRM solution for premium content security and monetization solutions, based on its award-winning Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) platform and services. In particular, its MultiRights™ OTT Plus offering provides a frictionless user experience utilizing a secure media player and a uniform interface across all client devices.

The companies will demonstrate their respective content monitoring and DRM solutions at IBC2017 at stand 7.B13 for Interra Systems and stand 5.A59 for Verimatrix. More information about Interra Systems’ solutions can be found at www.interrasystems.com.


Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ Multicast ABR Technology Deployed in the 50th CPE Device, Demonstrating Company’s Leadership Position for Live ABR

Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming technologies for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, today announced that its nanoCDN™ multicast ABR technology has been successfully integrated with SmarDTV Hotspot, the OTT gateway tailored to streamline the delivery of live TV and VOD on mobile devices in low-connectivity areas. Since it was introduced in 2012, nanoCDN has been adopted by more than 25 global vendors for use in set-top boxes, home gateways, WiFi routers, broadband gateways, and HDMI dongles. Partnering with SmarDTV represents the fiftieth integration for nanoCDN — a huge achievement for making live television delivery to any device scalable and affordable. Through unmatched deployment and ecosystem expertise for multicast ABR technology, Broadpeak leads the industry in helping operators deliver broadcast-quality video on every screen.

Leveraging home networks, nanoCDN multicast ABR enables operators to manage the consumption peaks of live ABR services for millions of simultaneous viewers cost-effectively, using only a few megabits per second from their networks. nanoCDN supports multiple use cases, including live TV, zero latency, multiscreen delivery via satellite, and 4K video distribution, answering all of the challenges that pay-TV operators face in delivering live and on-demand services to tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and other OTT devices.

“Multicast ABR is changing the world of multiscreen service delivery, and we are proud to be the first technology provider that offered a working ABR multicast solution deployed by leading operators worldwide,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. “Creating partnerships with CPE providers like SmarDTV, we’re able to get nanoCDN into more homes and venues, transforming the multiscreen video delivery landscape.”

Broadpeak will showcase nanoCDN multicast ABR at IBC2017, Sept. 15-19 at stand 5.C72 in Amsterdam.

More information about Broadpeak solutions can be found at www.broadpeak.tv.

Viaccess-Orca and yes Join Forces to Offer Enhanced Personalized VOD Offerings

Viaccess-Orca, a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, today announced its latest partnership with yes, Israel’s leading pay-TV provider. Through the new agreement, yes has chosen the Viaccess-Orca COMPASS content discovery platform to build new levels of personalization into its subscription VOD (SVOD) and transactional VOD (TVOD) services, and offer subscribers tailored content recommendations.

Viaccess-Orca’s COMPASS is a field-proven content discovery platform that empowers subscribers and operators to benefit fully from the interactive and content-rich world of personal TV. COMPASS gives subscribers personalized recommendations that enable them to find desirable content quickly and easily. COMPASS enables operators such as yes to offer content for subscriber enjoyment, building customer satisfaction and promoting loyalty. By bringing subscribers closer to the content they really want, operators differentiate themselves in the market and enjoy new and increased revenue streams.

“In order to keep our competitive advantage, it’s critical that we continually improve our customers’ experience and provide services that are tailored to their preferences,” said Ori Gal, Chief Marketing Officer at yes. “Viaccess-Orca has been an important ally in that effort. Our prior collaboration to build COMPASS into our TV Everywhere service has been a real success. Therefore, it was only natural that we join forces again with Viaccess-Orca for our next-generation SVOD and TVOD offerings to provide the best personalized experience to our subscribers.”

Through its new collaboration with Viaccess-Orca, yes has integrated COMPASS into a new user interface for its VOD services that automatically recommends content to viewers based on their personal tastes and viewing habits. Additional COMPASS capabilities, such as COMPASS Continue, a Watching engine, and a Viewer Series engine further enhance yes customers’ viewing experience.

“The Israeli pay-TV market is at a peak in competitiveness, with new players and services turning up the heat on the competition. With its TV Everywhere service, yes broke new ground as the first multiscreen TV offering in Israel, and we’re proud that COMPASS is an integral part of that,” said Paul Molinier, CEO at Viaccess-Orca. “We’re honored that yes has placed its trust in Viaccess-Orca once again for its VOD platforms improvements. The highly flexible COMPASS content discovery platform, in combination with yes superior content catalog, will continue to keep yes a leader in the Israeli market.”

Viaccess-Orca will be showcasing its content discovery platform and other solutions at IBC2017. To learn more, set up a meeting here http://www.viaccess-orca.com/what-s-new/events/ibc-2017.


Mediacorp Elevates Broadcast Quality With Interra Systems’ BATON® QC Solution

Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that Singapore-based broadcaster Mediacorp has expanded the scope of Interra Systems’ BATON® QC solution across its operations to improve quality of experience (QoE) for television viewers. Mediacorp is using Interra Systems’ BATON quality control (QC) platform to check content quality automatically, BATON+ to collect QC data analytics, and BATON Content Corrector (BCC) to fix audio loudness issues post QC.

“When Mediacorp moved to a new facility, we wanted to ramp up our quality control efforts and increase operational efficiency. After relying on BATON for several years, we knew that it would provide the reliability we need as well as support the additional features we were missing, such as audio loudness auto-correction and data-centric QC reports,” said Lim Siew Luan, AVP of technology support at Mediacorp. “Since upgrading BATON, we now have the ability to check the content quality using a centralized QC system across multiple divisions for several hours of media content a day.”

Mediacorp recently built an extensive new campus to serve as a base for more than 2,500 staff members, deploying several technology innovations into the facility to better meet consumers’ changing viewing habits. The new facility implements closer interoperability across Mediacorp’s production and distribution facilities to accelerate and simplify operational workflows. Despite having versatile technology standards from many manufacturers, a service orientated architecture (SOA), automated end-to-end file-based workflows, as well as a deep integrated enterprise orchestration layer now ensure seamless processing of the different business units via a common platform.

At the heart of Mediacorp’s new and improved workflow, Interra Systems’ BATON platform ensures that high-quality content is passed onto playout servers. All media files, whether produced in-house or acquired from content vendors, are checked at the ingest stage by BATON QC. Mediacorp uses BATON during each step of the broadcast workflow, from ingest to transcoding, playout, and archive, to guarantee the highest quality is being delivered to viewers at all times. A comprehensive range of checks are performed to cover standards compliance, regulatory, and baseband. Interra Systems’ BCC auto-corrects loudness errors detected by BATON in the media files, with BATON+ providing extensive QC trend analysis to improve workflow efficiency.

The BATON products are integrated with several third-party systems, including a media asset management system and a workflow orchestrator. Built with high availability, BATON continues operating even if one of the hardware components is down.

“When viewers are satisfied with the quality of broadcast programming, they watch longer and advertising revenue increases,” said Sanjay Mittal, senior vice president and managing director, Asia, at Interra Systems. “Our BATON QC platform is the perfect choice for Mediacorp’s new media facility, providing the operator with a well-integrated and efficient broadcast workflow.”

Interra Systems will demonstrate its QC, monitoring, and analytics platforms at IBC2017 in stand 7.B13. More information about Interra Systems solutions can be found at www.interrasystems.com.

Viaccess-Orca Partners With Hi-Global Technology on Adaptive Box for Connected TV Experience

Viaccess-Orca, a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, and Hi-Global Technology, a provider of middleware solutions for digital TV, have joined forces to launch the Adaptive Box, an ultra-flexible, cost-effective, and fully secure set-top box (STB) that speeds up time to market for pay-TV services. Adaptive Box combines Viaccess-Orca’s Adaptive Sentinel Conditional Access System, multi-DRM solution, and TVaaS platform with high-quality middleware from Hi-Global Technology, providing pay-TV operators with a complete STB and TV apps solution for the distribution of satellite, cable, direct-to-home, IPTV, and OTT services.

“The pay-TV landscape is evolving with the rise of OTT multiscreen viewing, and traditional set-top box solution supplier shall evolve to face the challenges of reducing the time to develop, to integrate and to deploy solutions as well as supplying lower CAPEX products,” said Arnault Olivier, CEO Associate at Hi-Global Technology. “We’ve partnered with Viaccess-Orca to provide operators with a cost-effective STB and TV apps solution that can be launched quickly for increased monetization thanks to its portfolios of security, interactive, and analytic products.”

Using Adaptive Box, operators can deliver premium content services such as live TV, VOD, replay, personalized electronic program guides, targeted advertising, and content recommendations to subscribers on any screen. Reducing the time to market for pay-TV services, Adaptive Box enables operators to focus on areas of content distribution that will drive new revenue, such as personalization, user experience, and second-screen viewing.

Viaccess-Orca’s world-class content protection solutions ensure that operators using Adaptive Box can easily meet the security requirements of today’s connected world. Pre-integration between Adaptive Box and Viaccess-Orca’s TVaaS cloud TV platform provides operators with detailed analytics that enable quick detection of business insights and improve TV services strategy, consumption, and revenues. Fully customizable and Android™ compatible, Hi-Global Technology apps are an integral component of Adaptive Box, enabling operators to provide VOD, replay, EPGs, and other advanced features to subscribers on secondary devices like smartphones and tablets, with minimal middleware maintenance.

“In today’s modern television landscape, operators face a number of challenges. Consumers are moving away from the TV screen toward devices like smartphones and tablets, and business models need to evolve at a furious pace to match the expectations of technologies and consumer behaviors,” said Chem Assayag, EVP Marketing & Sales, Viaccess-Orca. “Our Adaptive Box solution puts operators at the center of the game, allowing them to decide how to present content and services, either via traditional delivery methods or OTT multiscreen.”

Viaccess-Orca will showcase its Adaptive Box at IBC2017 at stand 1.A51, Sept. 15-19 in Amsterdam.

iKO Media Group Launches DTH Services in Asia and Latin America With Harmonic

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services, today announced that iKO Media Group, an end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners, has deployed a comprehensive media processing and delivery solution from Harmonic to expand the reach of its direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television services. By optimizing iKO Media Group’s available satellite bandwidth and improving video quality, Harmonic’s solution will make it easier for the service provider to penetrate new markets.

“Our goal has always been to meet the specific budgets and requirements of our customers without compromising on quality of service. For this purpose, it is vital for a boutique service provider like iKO to work with only the best partners in the industry. Harmonic was the clear winner in terms of delivering bandwidth efficiency, exceptional video quality and deployment expertise,” said Yaniv Maman CTO at iKO Media Group. “Thanks to Harmonic innovation, we can deliver more channels in more countries cost effectively.”

The number of DTH subscribers in Asia is set to nearly double between 2013 and 2018, reaching 110 million according to a report from Media Partners Asia. Pay-TV is also growing in Latin America, with Dataxis predicting that the number of subscribers in the region will reach 73.7 million at the end of 2017, a rise of 3.4 percent compared with the previous year. Using Harmonic’s DTH media processing and delivery solution, iKO Media Group can capitalize on the revenue opportunities in these regions.

At the heart of the solution is Harmonic’s market-leading Electra™ X2 software-based media processor; ProStream® 9100 with ACE® high-density stream processor and transcoder; ProView™ 7100 integrated receiver-decoder; and NMX™ Digital Service Manager.

“Density was a huge factor in iKO Media Group’s decision to choose Harmonic,” said Ian Graham, vice president of sales, EMEA and LATAM, at Harmonic. “Our software-based media processing solutions feature an ultra-high-density architecture that enables operators to deliver more channels with less equipment, making this an excellent CAPEX investment for iKO Media Group.”

Harmonic will showcase a comprehensive range of innovative solutions for broadcast and OTT services at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 15-19, on stand 1.B20. Further information about Harmonic and the company’s products is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

Viaccess-Orca to Demonstrate New Audience Measurement Service at IBC2017 With Neotion CAM Integration

Viaccess-Orca, a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that it will showcase its new audience measurement service, VO Audience Measurement Service, integrated with NEOTION CAM, at IBC2017. Viaccess-Orca’s Audience Measurement Service is readily available to TV operators using a NEOTION CAM, embedding a standard Access Control Software (ACS). Fully integrated with Viaccess-Orca’s TV Business Analytics suite, the new service will allow pay-TV operators to harness the power of viewership data and ultimately increase their ARPU.

“The latest innovation between Viaccess-Orca and NEOTION addresses the industry’s requirements for premium content, security, and data collection,” said Olivier Demoly, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at NEOTION. “By partnering with Viaccess-Orca, we are helping operators to gather relevant data about subscribers to make actionable decisions about content and service offerings with the end goal of increasing monetization.”

NEOTION’s CAM enables digital TV sets and set-top boxes to decode scrambled TV programs with Viaccess-Orca’s Adaptive Sentinel Conditional Access System (CAS). Adaptive Sentinel is a unique dual mode (i.e., card and cardless) CAS that is based on software and hardware security. With VO Audience Measurement Service, Viaccess-Orca allows operators to understand audiences, streamline content marketing and acquisition, and follow bouquets consumption — ultimately creating a more competitive and efficient pay-TV offering.

“The pay-TV landscape is changing and operators face significant challenges in terms of maintaining high revenues and accelerating business growth. Going forward, data will be critical to their success,” said Chem Assayag, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at Viaccess-Orca. “We’re excited to collaborate with NEOTION, our long-standing CAM partner, on this new service. By enabling TV operators to collect and process real-time viewership data in compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations and to extract actionable business insights, including via predictive analytics, Viaccess-Orca is paving the way toward a smarter and safer TV experience. The native integration within ACS ensures the new service can be deployed with no extra integration effort.”

Viaccess-Orca will demonstrate the VO Audience Measurement Service at IBC2017, Hall 1 Stand A51 and on NEOTION’s stand, Hall 5 Stand B53. More information about Viaccess-Orca is available at its new website http://www.viaccess-orca.com.

AVIWEST Improves Live Video Remote Production With the AIR320

AVIWEST, a global provider of live IP video solutions, today announced the AIR320, a powerful and ultra-lightweight video uplink system that will be available in Q4 and on display at IBC2017, Sept. 15-19 in Amsterdam. By integrating best-in-class H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC hardware encoders into a portable solution, the brand-new AIR320 enables broadcasters and video producers to stream live interviews and events seamlessly, and store and forward recorded content even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

“Our top-notch R&D team has developed the AIR series with the same high level of technical expectations already present in AVIWEST’s flagship PRO transmitters. Featuring a large panel of interfaces and functionality, the AIR320 is the perfect tool for on-the-go video professionals that need lightweight, portable, and versatile video solutions,” said Ronan Poullaouec, CTO at AVIWEST. “The high-end AIR320 will transform the way that journalists conduct live interviews, enabling flawless HEVC encoding and exceptional video quality delivery.”

The AIR320 features an ultra-compact and portable design with up to four cellular connections, including 3G/4G internal modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays and two USB 3.0 ports, plus a built-in Wi-Fi modem. The system’s internal battery enables video professionals to use the system for up to three hours, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition by getting superior-quality live videos and recordings on air quicker than ever.

By detecting and bonding together multiple IP network interfaces, the AIR320 enables users to take advantage of every IP network in their immediate area as they become available. AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology assures the delivery of live transmissions over unmanaged networks with minimum delay, allowing mobile journalists to stream high-quality video from any location around the world.

Fully integrated with the AVIWEST’s Manager system and StreamHub transceivers, the AIR320 is an essential component in AVIWEST’s complete DMNG product range designed to simplify the capture and broadcast of live HD and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links.

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.