Actus Digital Appoints Gary Learner as Executive Vice President of Business Development

Industry Veteran Is Tasked With Managing U.S. Business Growth

Actus Digital, a leading provider of broadcast compliance and intelligent media monitoring solutions, today announced that the company has appointed Gary Learner as executive vice president of business development. Learner joins Actus Digital as the company is seeing rapid growth and increasing sales, particularly in the U.S. market. He is tasked with expanding the company’s global footprint and ensuring a smooth transition for new customers, many of whom are embracing the simplicity and future-proof features of Actus Digital’s media monitoring solution as they shift away from vendors who recently declared their systems at end of life.

“Our business is thriving in the U.S. market, and putting Gary in charge of business development will help us continue on that upward trajectory,” said Sima Levy, CEO at Actus Digital. “When Volicon announced that it would no longer be making or supporting its monitoring systems, we started to see a wave of new customers looking for a replacement. Gary’s expertise in media compliance and monitoring will assure a seamless transition for these customers while also giving us the capacity to manage the burgeoning global demand for our platform, which is the most comprehensive on the market.”

Prior to joining Actus Digital, Learner was the co-founder and chief technology officer of Volicon, a former leader in monitoring solutions. Working in the broadcast and media industries for more than 20 years, Learner has developed a rich skill set that includes technology-driven strategic planning and execution, business development and strategic partnerships, and organizational alignment.

Actus Digital’s media monitoring solution is well-known across the broadcast industry for being reliable and offering the most advanced feature set, going beyond compliance to support advanced capabilities such as clips for social media, AI options, and automatic ad detection. “Actus Digital is customer-focused and committed to serving the current and future market requirements, a point that’s been proven by its uninterrupted 16 years of success in the industry,” said Learner. “Coming from Volicon, I can assure broadcasters that the migration to Actus Digital’s solution is fast, complete, and easy for end users. Furthermore, Actus Digital’s new platform offers customers more options than Volicon’s system. Actus Digital is the only company in the domain of compliance and monitoring solutions with three support centers, in the United States, Europe, and Asia, assuring customers that no matter where they are, they will get the best and fastest response, around the clock.”

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Actus Digital Helps TV Networks Maintain Exceptional Broadcast Quality as Personnel Work Remotely

Actus Digital Provides Real-Time Alerts on Audio and Video Issues, Enabling TV Channels to Monitor Quality of Service Remotely

Actus Digital, a leading provider of broadcast compliance and intelligent media monitoring solutions, today announced that TV networks around the world are using its broadcast monitoring solution to ensure superior video and audio quality while also complying with social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 global health crisis. Actus Digital’s monitoring platform can be used on-premises and remotely, from anywhere, on any device, enabling networks to accurately verify that content and ads have been aired correctly on their channels and check content quality, as personnel continue to work from home to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Video consumption has grown significantly over the last few months, and TV networks around the world are enhancing their content monitoring strategies in order to keep pace with the peaks. Actus Digital’s AlertCenter monitoring platform provides real-time alerts on audio and video issues, enabling TV networks to react instantly to quality of service (QoS) problems, such as loss of audio, a disrupted video signal, or frozen picture. Personnel who are home working can continue to use the Actus system in their daily workflow to monitor the content, create and export clips, and do all they do with the system from the office but from home. Through a single, centralized user interface, users can see the aired content and all QoS issues, greatly reducing the manpower and operational costs typically involved with having a monitoring operation at every site. Actus Digital’s media monitoring platform offers support for multiple deployment environments, including on-premises, virtualization, the cloud, and hybrid combinations — bringing efficiency to any video operation.

“Today, almost everyone is working from home, and the broadcast industry needs to be able to maintain its daily operations and monitor content quality efficiently and remotely,” said Raphael Renous, chief technology officer at Actus Digital. “Actus Digital is leading the charge with solutions that allow content verification and monitoring from any device and from anywhere. When working from home, Actus gives visibility to the aired content.”

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Actus Digital Expands US Sales Team By Appointing Jay Gedanken as Vice President of Business Development

In Response to Significant Sales Growth in the US, Gedanken Will be Responsible for Developing New Sales Channels

Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance and intelligent media monitoring solutions, today announced that it has appointed Jay Gedanken as vice president of business development in the U.S. With over 35 years’ experience in broadcast technology sales, technical support, marketing, and project management, Gedanken will play a critical role in increasing Actus Digital’s footprint in the United States market, developing new sales channels, and driving revenue growth.

“Business development opportunities are booming in the U.S., with Actus Digital poised to fill the void left by former U.S. industry leader Volicon and its end-of-life products while also meeting the growing customer demand for compliance solutions featuring content repurposing and AI,” said Sima Levy, CEO, Actus Digital. “We continue to increase the scale of our U.S. office as a result of growing sales and activities, and hiring Jay will keep us on track. Leveraging his experience in broadcast sales, Actus Digital will continue to build on its 15-plus years of providing superior compliance and media monitoring solutions that solve many of the critical problems facing broadcasters today in one platform.”

Prior to joining Actus Digital, Gedanken held a variety of leadership roles in the industry, including former vice president at Scopus Video Networks and founder of the company’s North American operation. His vast array of experience includes sales and management positions at Visionetics, Optibase, Adtec, and Sencore. Over the years, Gedanken has developed a deep understanding of broadcast workflows and expertise in providing simple and complex solutions for all levels of broadcasters, from single local affiliates to national networks.

“I am excited to join Actus Digital’s growing enterprise of respected industry professionals and add to their vast knowledge and experience in broadcast solutions,” said Gedanken. “From day one, I have been impressed with the ease of use and the feature-rich media solutions that Actus Digital provides. Their intelligent media platforms go beyond simple compliance and monitoring, offering innovation in a variety of technologies, including content repurposing and AI.”

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Actus Digital Agrees to Distributor Partnership With Video Systems in Brazil

Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance and media monitoring solutions, today announced a new partnership with Video Systems. Video Systems, located in São Paulo, will serve as Actus Digital’s Brazilian distributor, driving growth in the South American market. Previously, Video Systems represented Volicon in Brazil.

“When Volicon announced the end of life of its product line, it became critical that we identify the best replacement solution for our customers,” said Kazuyuki Tsurumaki, president of Video Systems. “Actus Digital is the most compelling solution, offering an advanced and flexible approach to media monitoring, an unmatched feature set, and the ability for customers to repurpose their existing Volicon hardware with Actus Digital software. Actus Digital also provides SLA coverage for existing Volicon users, which is extremely valuable during this transition period.”

Since 1993, Video Systems has been a leading technology distributor to the broadcast and telecommunications market. Beyond distributing advanced technology, Video Systems offers services, systems integration, and project development. The Video Systems team is made up of engineers and technicians with vast market experience in addition to diversified training that is always up to date in order to meet current and future market demands.

“Video Systems has a long history of success in the Brazilian market. Its past achievements and market dominance with Volicon make this a clear distribution choice for Actus Digital,” said Actus Digital CEO Sima Levy. “We look forward to serving Video Systems’ customer base and effectively assisting them in making a smooth and cost-effective transition to the future of media monitoring.”

Actus Digital Drives Media Monitoring Efficiency With New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

AI Speeds Up Content Tagging, Video Organization and Categorization, Enabling Media Companies to Repurpose More Relevant Content

Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance and media monitoring solutions, today announced that its world-renowned media monitoring system has been enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that dramatically speed up workflows. Using Actus Digital’s intelligent, data-driven platform, media companies can automatically tag, organize, and categorize video recordings to enable rapid retrieval of relevant content and clips creation for social media outlets and the web.

“In today’s media environment, companies are dealing with a massive amount of content and data. How fast they can analyze data, find relevant content, and turn that content into engaging clips is a major differentiator,” said Raphael Renous, CTO, Actus Digital. “AI is a game changer for media monitoring, as it opens up an entire new range of workflows and automation options. With our AI media monitoring platform, tagging and clips creation is an instantaneous process based on comprehensive content analysis, and we’re excited to bring that unique value prop to our customers.”

Actus Digital’s media monitoring platform, newly enhanced with AI, allows media companies to more intelligently monitor and search for content beyond the channel name, date/time, extracted metadata (i.e., as run/EPG, closed caption), and manually entered metadata. In addition, users can use the platform to search for spoken words (speech to text), text that appears in the videos, specific faces (facial recognition), logos and logo changes, and detect advertising. The AI capabilities are among ongoing improvements to the compliance solution, which offers detailed reports on loudness, SCTE, closed captions, automatic configuration options, OTT monitoring, and more.

AI capabilities have also been added to Actus Digital’s Clip Factory clips creation workflow for increased speed and efficiency. With these new options, media companies can decrease manual labor and gain an edge on the competition.

The Actus Digital media monitoring platform delivers an intelligent approach to monitoring and support for multiple deployment environments, including on-premise, virtualization, cloud, and hybrid.

Actus Digital will demonstrate the latest innovations for its media compliance and monitoring platforms at IBC2019, Sept. 13-17 in Amsterdam at stand 3.C69. For more information, visit

Actus Digital Appoints Vice President of Sales, Americas, and Customer Services Manager

Actus Digital Expands its US Operations to Meet Growing Customer Demand

Actus Digital, a leading provider of compliance and media monitoring solutions, today announced that it has appointed Doug Hinahara vice president of sales, Americas, and Matthew Osman as customer services manager. The new positions were created as part of the company’s response to meet the growing demand for broadcast compliance and media monitoring solutions and an increasing customer base in the U.S. and throughout the Americas.

Hinahara is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and will manage Actus Digital sales activities across the Americas. He has more than 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry, including recently as a regional sales director at Telestream and as senior vice president of field operations at Masstech.

“Doug brings a wide range of experience to Actus Digital including managing the entire sales cycle process and account management,” said Sima Levy, Actus Digital CEO. “His extensive experience and deep understanding of broadcast workflows are invaluable assets to our company and an incredible resource for our customers. Doug understands our customers’ requirements and concerns and is available to work with them to define and deliver an optimal solution. Leveraging Doug’s long-standing relationships with broadcasters and his knowledge of the industry, Actus Digital is now perfectly positioned to better serve our fast-growing customer base in the Americas.”

“Actus Digital’s broadcast compliance and media monitoring systems solve several key challenges facing broadcasters today, not only in terms of compliance but also as they look to deliver high-quality content to social media, OTT and add more AI to their workflow, all from the same platform,” said Hinahara. “Actus is growing quickly right now, fueled in part by the demise of Volicon, but also because our technology is excellent. I am very excited to work with all of our partners and customers as we expand the Actus Digital brand across the Americas.”

Osman is based in Los Angeles and his key responsibility is to provide pre-sales/post-sales support and services to customers, primarily in North America. Osman will assist broadcasters and media companies with system setup, training, support, and other professional services. Previously, Osman was a senior product engineer at Volicon.

“Many years of experience in the broadcast domain give Matthew valuable insight into broadcasters’ expectations and requirements, and this will greatly benefit our customers,” said Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital. “The timing of Matthew joining Actus Digital could not be better as the industry undergoes rapid change and broadcasters are looking for innovative solutions, and in fact many are looking to replace Volicon systems.”

“I’m excited to join Actus Digital and contribute my knowledge in compliance and media monitoring solutions to its growth strategy,” said Osman. “When it was announced that Volicon would discontinue its appliance-based solutions, I determined that Actus Digital’s products looked to be the most promising in terms of the innovation, 24/7 support, and roadmap for the future. That’s why I’m here.”

The Actus media monitoring platform delivers an intelligent approach to monitoring and support for multiple deployment environments including on-premise, virtualization, cloud, and hybrid. Actus simplifies the replacement of legacy Volicon systems by providing a number of transition options that make the migration process both cost-effective and transparent for technical and end-users alike.

Actus Digital will demonstrate the latest innovations for its media compliance and monitoring platforms at IBC2019, Sept. 13-17 in Amsterdam at stand 3.C69. For more information, visit