AVIWEST Enables Viewers to Experience Compelling Live Content From PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi 2020 Race on Social Media

AVIWEST’s Bonded Cellular Solution Allows Race Event Organizer Human Voyage to Create Engaging Live Videos of Cycling Race for Social Networks

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that Asia’s most prestigious multistage cycling event, PETRONAS Tour de Langkawi 2020, was broadcast live on social networks using AVIWEST’s flagship PRO3 Series bonded cellular transmitters, QUAD CellLink antennas, and StreamHub transceiver. Race event organizer Human Voyage offered sports fans and viewers captivating live footage of every stage of the competition.

“Our viewers didn’t want to miss a second of the competition, and we needed to ensure there was zero delay during our live streaming sessions,” said Shahaizereen A. Hamid, event director at Human Voyage. “We chose AVIWEST for the exceptional capabilities of its field units. AVIWEST’s equipment enabled our motorbikes and helicopter to follow riders along the entire road so that they could live-broadcast the excitement of the race over cellular networks, no matter what the environment was like. AVIWEST’s team provided us with highly professional support and technical expertise, staying by our side at every stage of the project.”

AVIWEST’s PRO3 Series is a compact and robust field transmitter unit, allowing Human Voyage to capture and reproduce the intensity of the competition. With its small footprint, the PRO3 Series placed viewers at the heart of the race and increased their engagement with the event via social media.

Featuring a state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC hardware encoder, the PRO3 transmitter helped Human Voyage deliver premium video quality with end-to-end low latency, while using less data. All of the motorbikes and the helicopter used during the event were equipped with bonded cellular units connected with AVIWEST QUAD CellLink antennas to strengthen and ensure signal transmission, even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Leveraging AVIWEST’s double Emmy® Award-winning SST protocol, the transmitter series ensures reliable delivery of live video by simultaneously aggregating multiple network connections.

AVIWEST’s StreamHub received and decoded all incoming live video feeds sent by Human Voyage cameramen in the field. Supporting multiple output formats and featuring an intuitive web user interface, StreamHub allows video content to be freely and easily distributed over virtually any IP network to any social media platforms, CDNs, media servers, and streaming platforms.

“This was our first major live sports event coverage in Malaysia, and it was a rounding success thanks to Human Voyage,” said Frédéric Parbey, vice president of sales, APAC, at AVIWEST. “More and more people around the world are viewing live sports content online. When broadcasters create compelling live content for their viewers, they attract a greater number of followers and increase engagement with sports fans on social networks, which is key for them. At AVIWEST, we are devoted to providing professionals with reliable and powerful solutions tailored to any live video production workflow and operational constraint.”

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AVIWEST Offers Free Live Webinars

Stay on Top of All AVIWEST News, Technology Updates, and New Product Announcements From the Comfort of Home

Following the cancellation of the 2020 NAB Show, AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that it is hosting several free live webinars to share crucial information about the company’s innovative products, solutions, and technologies. The webinars are designed to help broadcasters and video professionals leverage the full power of AVIWEST’s solutions, turning their live video transmission missions into success stories.

The first webinar series is as follows and cover the following topics:

  • “AVIWEST NAB Updates” on Thursday, April 23 at 2:30 p.m. GMT+1
  • “Turn Your Event Into a Success Story With AVIWEST Transmitters and Encoders” on Thursday, April 30 at 2:30 p.m. GMT +1
  • “Live Contribution and Content Sharing With AVIWEST” on Thursday, May 7 at 2:30 p.m. GMT+1

Each webinar will last approximately 30 minutes. For more information about the webinar topics and to view the available times and register online, attendees may visit: https://www.aviwest.com/services/webinars/.

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

AVIWEST Unveils New RACK Series Video Encoders for Live Contribution and Remote/At-Home Production

Featuring Double-Emmy-Awarded SST Technology in a Compact Design, the New RACK Series Significantly Expands Broadcast Capacities

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced its new RACK Series, the next generation of the company’s video contribution encoder set to be released this summer. By integrating a best-in-class hardware H.265/HEVC encoder as well as an H.264/AVC encoder into a compact platform, the RACK Series is designed for space-constrained live production, including contribution applications and multicamera remote/at-home productions.

“As broadcasters aim to deliver superior-quality video content for live events, data costs are spiraling out of control,” said Samuel Fleischhacker, senior product manager at AVIWEST. “The RACK Series features a next-generation encoder that is extremely powerful, significantly reducing the bit rates typically associated with broadcasting high-quality video in real time over bonded cellular and the public internet.”

The RACK Series is designed to be deployed in fixed locations and directly connected on wired IP networks, offering a real cost-effective alternative to satellite or fiber. In addition, the RACK Series can be used on vans or trucks and connected to a roof-mounted AVIWEST QUAD CellLink 3G/4G antenna or KA satellite transmitter, enabling video broadcast from any location around the world, even in the midst of unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

Equipped with a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen, the unit supports multiple operational modes including live, record, live and record, file forward, and data hot spot for high-speed internet connectivity. All of these operations are possible in only two taps on the touch screen. The brand-new RACK Series also features a SIP-based intercom to simplify communications between the master control room on the broadcaster premises and remote operators in the field. Another key benefit of the RACK hybrid encoder is its video return function. In less than one second, it enables remote crews to receive the on-air feed from the studio, receive teleprompting information, and ensure the live stream is being delivered properly.

With its 1-U half rack form factor, the product reduces costs and space requirements, making it perfect for sports and entertainment live video production and other remote integration or at-home production use cases. The device can synchronously backhaul multiple live feeds with perfect genlock and lip sync across multiple cameras.

The RACK Series embeds a high-performance full HD encoder to reach low bit rates at subsecond latency without comprising on video quality. Powered by the double-award-winning SST technology (Safe Streams Transport), the RACK encoder offers ultra-reliable transmission on any network, thanks to an intelligent IP-bonding stack that aggregates all available bandwidth without needing to stop a live transmission, even as connections are added or dropped.

Ultimately, the RACK Series helps video production crews to expand their live coverage capabilities and create enthralling live stories.

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AVIWEST Wins Prestigious Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award for Second Consecutive Year

NATAS Presents Emmy® Award to AVIWEST for Groundbreaking Live Video Over Bonded Cellular Internet Solution

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has presented AVIWEST with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for the second consecutive year. The Emmy Award was presented to AVIWEST for excellence and innovation in video broadcasting standards over bonded cellular internet.

“We are honored to be selected for a second Emmy award for our bonded cellular video solution. Receiving the most prestigious broadcast award again is remarkable,” said Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at AVIWEST. “This prize highlights and rewards the amazing work done by all of our teams over the past few years, honoring our achievements in live video transmission with reliable connectivity anywhere. It recognizes not once but twice our effort to be innovative, agile, and responsive to our customers’ needs.”

In 2019, AVIWEST received its first NATAS Emmy® Award for its Safe Streams Transport (SST) protocol. Receiving this second award is proof of AVIWEST’s significant contribution to the constant advancement of a leading-edge reliable transport method for live content over unmanaged networks and the public internet.

AVIWEST’s SST protocol — implemented in all of its products — offers reliable and broadcast-grade video quality and data transmission over 3G/4G/5G cellular, LAN, Wi-Fi, satellite, and the public internet by simultaneously aggregating multiple network connections, dynamically adapting the video bitrate according to network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content, and supporting retransmission of lost data. SST enables broadcasters to live-stream content through a low-cost public internet connection, providing video crews with greater flexibility wherever they are.

“We are so proud and thankful to be recognized as one of the companies in the world that has significantly revolutionized the way live video is produced by broadcasters,” said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST. “This achievement has been possible thanks to our world-class engineering team and their hard work during the past several years. Our partners and customers have also undoubtedly contributed to this success through their continuous trust and strong support for our products and technology.”

The Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards will be presented at the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The awards honor development and innovation in broadcast technology and recognize companies, organizations, and individuals for breakthroughs that have had a significant effect on television engineering.

AVIWEST will demonstrate its Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award-winning solutions at the 2020 NAB Show, April 19-22 in Las Vegas, booth C2626. More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Streams Live to Social Media Channels With AVIWEST Solution

Viewers Around the World Followed the Vattenfall Solar Team in Real Time Through the Harsh Australian Outback, Thanks to AVIWEST’s System

AVIWEST, a leading provider of video contribution systems, announced today that the Vattenfall Solar Team recently equipped its solar car convoy with AVIWEST’s AIR Series ultra-compact HEVC bonded-cellular transmitter and QUAD CellLink four-modem antenna during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Thanks to AVIWEST’s equipment, fans could follow the largest solar race in the world in real time. The race was held in October 2019, starting in Darwin, Australia, with the finish line in Adelaide. Amber Technology, AVIWEST’s partner and Australian distributor, helped to ensure a smooth deployment and Dutch media company Stream My Event was in charge of the live video production feed that was streamed to the Vattenfall Solar Team’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a 3,000-plus km solar car race across Australia’s deserts, involving teams comprised of tertiary and secondary students from over 30 countries.

“Streaming the live event from start to finish created unique new challenges, such as maintaining connectivity while refueling and recovering connections after brief interruptions,” said Floris Porro, co-founder and technical producer at Stream My Event. “The AVIWEST AIR increased our efficiency and completely removed any boundaries that might have prevented us from pulling this off. AVIWEST’s equipment gave us the ability to automatically restart streaming after a connection failure, for example when a road train blocked the line of sight with our satellite, AIR allowed us to add output destinations on demand, without interrupting existing streams.”

The biggest challenge facing Stream My Event was to achieve fast and reliable connectivity along the entire race route, across some of the world’s most challenging landscapes. They deployed five cameras, two drones, and three convoy vehicles, one of which housed the AVIWEST AIR320 transmitter onboard, paired with a ThinKom mobile satellite antenna and AVIWEST QUAD CellLink antenna. The satellite bandwidth was shared between the video stream and crucial telemetry and information updates for the team (i.e. weather, car telemetry, messaging, and social media links).

A vMIX video production tool provided the edited live video stream to the AIR320 transmitter. The transmitter then leveraged AVIWEST’s patented and Emmy®-Award-winning SST protocol to aggregate satellite connections with those from the QUAD CellLink antenna (supporting four 4G links) to maximize the available bandwidth. Those video streams were received, transcoded, and distributed in real time by the AVIWEST StreamHub to the Vattenfall Solar Team’s YouTube and Facebook accounts, providing fans with an exclusive race overview and additional information. AVIWEST’s system provided the video producer with numerous key advantages, including a user-friendly web interface for efficiently monitoring and managing live streams, as well as the ability to dynamically adjust allocated bandwidth.

“AVIWEST’s AIR320 transmitter screen was extremely useful, providing Stream My Event with an overview of all connections in use. This allowed them to see exactly which QUAD CellLink modems were performing best and improve their live streaming,” said Ross Caston, general manager, media systems at Amber Technology. “The H.265/HEVC video encoding provided by AVIWEST’s equipment offered significant improvement, enhancing video quality by up to 20% compared with other solutions on the market.”

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AVIWEST Raises €8 Million in Series B Funding Round

Company Wraps Up €8 Million Investment to Support International Growth

AVIWEST, a leader in providing video contribution systems, today announced that the company has completed a series B fundraising round with an €8 million investment from Go Capital, Turenne Group, Sodero Gestion, and UNEXO, Groupe Crédit Agricole.

The new investment will contribute to AVIWEST’s rapid growth of innovative services and strengthen its commercial presence in markets associated with live video production-contribution and IP connectivity.

Live video production and contribution is a booming industry and its growth trends for the coming years offer AVIWEST numerous opportunities for developing new innovative products and solutions, along with high added-value services.

“New media are constantly emerging and live video coverage around the world is increasing, further building the case as to why bonded, unmanaged IP networks are a smart choice for delivering high-quality live event coverage,” said Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at AVIWEST. “With the global rollout of 5G networks currently underway, broadcasters will see a lot of benefits in video contribution. Using our Emmy® award-winning bonded, unmanaged IP network technology, which includes a best-in-class hardware encoding platform, professionals in the video business can address the growing demand for high-quality live video coverage of sports, breaking news, and other events in the most affordable and bandwidth-efficient way, from anywhere in the world.”

AVIWEST plans to increase its innovation and maintain its agility and reactivity to continue offering powerful and reliable top-notch live video contribution solutions.

“Thanks to our new investment, we will continue to work hard to increase our presence in markets associated with IP connectivity and strengthen our business worldwide, especially in China and the U.S., which both represent an important part of our global market,” said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST. “It will also allow us to recruit around 50 new people over the coming months.”

For more information on AVIWEST visit www.aviwest.com.

AVIWEST Technology Ensures Flawless Live Coverage of the Majlis Al-Shura Elections in Oman

AVIWEST’s Bonded Cellular Video Solution Delivers Live Footage From Hundreds of Voting Centers Across the Sultanate of Oman

AVIWEST, a leading provider of video contribution systems, announced today that the Public Authority for Radio and TV (PART) of the Sultanate of Oman deployed a complete AVIWEST solution to broadcast live coverage of the October 2019 Majlis Al-Shura elections, which take place every four years. PART selected the AVIWEST PRO3 Series HEVC bonded cellular transmitters, QUAD antennas, and StreamHub transceiver to broadcast live from any location, even in remote areas with limited connectivity. ApexTec served as the distributor, ensuring a seamless product deployment.

“For such an important event in the Sultanate, broadcasting live election footage with greater efficiency and simplicity was key,” said Said Al Shreqi, director general of PART. “The AVIWEST solution offered us an affordable way to stream live, high-quality video successfully from any voting center in the region.”

On Oct. 27, more than 700,000 Omanis voted on Shura council members, choosing from among 737 candidates. With 110 voting centers across the country, PART relied on the AVIWEST PRO3 Series to successfully deliver live HD video to Oman TV over 3G/4G networks, providing the Oman population with real-time updates and election results.

Saud Ahmed Al Harrasi, director of satellite broadcasting and links at PART, said, “Our engineering team and cameramen had a good experience with AVIWEST and were very impressed by the exceptional performance of the whole system. We look forward to making the best use of the new features and application of the system.”

When on the go, PART’s remote teams needed video delivery solutions that are compact and portable, ensuring they could instantly broadcast live. The latest generation of AVIWEST’s HEVC bonded cellular transmitters, the PRO3 Series, provided the broadcaster with a lightweight solution that could be mounted directly on professional cameras or carried in a smartly designed backpack. Moreover, the advanced HEVC PRO3 Series enabled PART to deliver premium video quality while significantly reducing bitrates – typically a 30% decrease compared with other HEVC solutions.

“Providing a customer-centric approach and extending committed service to customers is always our priority, and we feel privileged to contribute to the Majlis Al-Shura elections,” said Ahmed Aqil Al-Ibrahim, director at Apex International Technologies & Projects (ApexTec), Oman. “AVIWEST’s solution has been deployed in Oman during various mission-critical applications in the past, such as the Mekunu cyclone, as well as used by PART camera teams in overseas event coverage. The user friendliness and robustness of the solution have been proven time and again.”

Thanks to AVIWEST’s patented and Emmy Award-winning Safe Streams Transport (SST) protocol, PART’s journalists were able to transmit live videos over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections using PRO380 field units without having to worry about network conditions.

“With 110 different voting sites around the Sultanate of Oman, there was a large ground to cover during the election,” said Nicola Atta, sales manager at AVIWEST. “Our live video solution is lightweight and compact, so it’s perfect for mobile newsgathering. It’s also cost-saving, reducing the amount of equipment and bandwidth needed to transmit high-quality live video.”

For more information on AVIWEST and its available products visit our site at www.aviwest.com.

AVIWEST Broadens Reach in Middle East With New Office in Dubai

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced it has opened a new sales and services office in Dubai, expanding the company’s presence in the Middle East. To ensure that regional customers’ requirements for reliable, powerful live video contribution solutions are thoroughly met, AVIWEST has appointed Nicola Atta as Middle East sales office manager.

“The new office location in Dubai enables AVIWEST to better serve and respond quickly to immediate presales, sales, and service needs across the United Arab Emirates, building on AVIWEST’s close collaborations with broadcasters and video professionals in the region,” said Erwan Gasc, CEO at AVIWEST. “By providing broadcasters and media professionals with a local presence, AVIWEST’s new office will ensure superior services and support and further augment the company’s growing business in the Middle East.”

AVIWEST’s new office will be located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, HQ Building — Wing B – Office 306, Dubai.

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

AVIWEST Simplifies the Delivery of Live Video Streams to Affiliates

AVIWEST’s StreamHub Transceiver Now Enables Broadcasters to Interconnect to Numerous Third-Party Live Transmitters at a Time

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that the new software version of its iconic StreamHub transceiver is now vendor-agnostic and universally compatible with third-party transmitters. Using StreamHub, video professionals and broadcasters can receive transmissions from various types of transmitters, enabling them to quickly, easily, and simultaneously share high-quality live content with multiple affiliates or other broadcast facilities.

AVIWEST StreamHub provides broadcasters with a scalable and tailored video solution for managing and sharing live streams from multiple transmitters via a single interface. With StreamHub, video professionals can manage multiple streams and distribute them to multiple affiliates from a single point of control. Having the power to interconnect to numerous third-party live transmission tools instantaneously saves video professionals time and money.

Knowing that broadcasters are often on the go and working from remote locations, StreamHub offers a web-based user interface with a video thumbnail view. This tool allows broadcasters to build a live video multiview composed with all input streams, which can be fed to affiliates. The multiview can be enriched with overlay information for each source, such as audio level and transmitter name. The main advantage of this capability is that it reduces data while feeding affiliates with multiple streams, allowing affiliates to choose a main stream from those available.

“By streamlining their production workflow and optimizing costs with our flagship AVIWEST StreamHub transceiver, broadcasters can offer an increased amount of live video content and boost viewer engagement,” said Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at AVIWEST. “During a live event, broadcasters need to ensure there is no delay. Viewers do not want to miss a second of the action, especially for live sports. Choosing AVIWEST’s live video solution with state-of-the-art HEVC encoding will ensure high-quality video at minimum bit rates with low latency.”

StreamHub features AVIWEST’s Emmy Award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which reliably combines multiple algorithms, including FEC, ARQ, and VBR rate control, to provide a high quality of service. StreamHub’s universality enables it to support a variety of streaming protocols, such as RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HLS and TS/IP, to ensure that broadcasters can freely distribute video content over the public internet and virtually any IP networks, including 3G, 4G, and 5G.

AVIWEST’s transceiver can be deployed on-premises or operated as a cloud-based service tailored to any news or live video production organization’s workflow and operational constraints, making it ideally suited for today’s ever-evolving multiscreen video delivery world.

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

HM Productions Broadcasts the 2019 Corbeau Seats Rally Live With AVIWEST Solutions

AVIWEST’s Digital Newsgathering Equipment Bonds Together IP Networks, Enabling Live Sports Coverage From Anywhere, Even With Poor Connectivity

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that HM Productions, a leading broadcast television production company in the U.K. and Ireland, deployed AVIWEST’s AIR320 ultra-compact HEVC bonded cellular transmitters to cover the 2019 Corbeau Seats Rally at Tendring and Clacton, in real time.

The company streamed over eight hours of live action and interviews from the stages to more then 7,000 people as well as to spectators watching screens in the service area on Clacton seafront.

“AVIWEST’s AIR320 exceeded all of our expectations, providing us with bonded 4G units with rock-solid performance all day. They are amazingly lightweight, light on power, light on data, and enabled us to live stream action and interviews from Chelmsford Motor Club’s Clacton-on-Sea-based event,” said Christopher Hylands, producer at HM Productions. “These transmitters are, without a doubt, the future of live streaming and broadcast and will definitely play a massive role in motorsport in the years to come.”

AVIWEST’s advanced live video solutions feature an Emmy® Award-winning protocol called SafeStreams Technology®, which allows HM Productions’ journalists to transmit live videos over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections using the AIR Series without having to worry about network conditions. With up to four cellular connections, including 3G/4G internal modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays and two USB 3.0 ports, plus a built-in Wi-Fi modem, the AIR320 allows HM Productions to get superior-quality live videos on the air quicker than ever.

“We owe massive thanks to Tony Wise from Wyzcom, the regional AVIWEST distributor, for going above and beyond during this project, not just the day before but during the weeks and months leading up to the event,” added Hylands.

“The live sports environment is very fast-paced and constantly changing, making it imperative that broadcasters have newsgathering equipment that is flexible and dependable,” said David Jaouen, vice president of sales at AVIWEST.

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.