WORK Microwave DVB-S2 Solutions Power Earth Observation Data Reception in Antarctica

DVB-S2 Modem Provides High Throughput and Exceptional Signal Reception for Next-Gen Space Missions

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that a leading geospatial analytics company is using its DVB-S2 IP Receiver SDD-IP to receive earth observation data from Antarctica. Utilizing WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2 receiver, the company can achieve high throughput and outstanding signal reception performance.

WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2 receiver is a robust platform for receiving IP and Ethernet data over DVB-S2 satellite connections. Supporting a flexible range of output formats, the receiver is perfect for a variety of space missions. Today, WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2/S2X IP Receiver SDD-IP and AR-60 have been widely deployed across all continents from Svalbard, Norway, to Antarctica for earth observation and other data-critical applications.

“WORK Microwave is actively engaged in both traditional and emerging satellite markets. More and more, we’re seeing LEO, MEO, 5G, and EO satellites in use, and we’re excited to support those platforms and pave the way to the next-generation space era,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director of digital products at WORK Microwave. “Through earth observation we can deliver a fundamentally better picture of our planet, and reliable signal reception is critical to making that happen.”

WORK Microwave Transforms Maritime Satellite Communications With Intellian and Telesat

Companies Demo High-Throughput Data Transmission Via a Single Wideband Carrier Designed to Work at Sea in Any Type of Weather Conditions

HOLZKIRCHEN, Germany — Dec. 11, 2019 — WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced the results of its technology demonstration with Intellian and Telesat to increase the reliability, performance, and throughput of broadband for maritime applications. Recently, the companies successfully tested a high-throughput data link from Mount Jackson, Virginia to Pompano Beach, Florida using WORK Microwave’s AX-80 wideband modem, the Intellian v150NX 1.5m Ka-band wideband antenna, and the Telesat T19 VANTAGE High Throughput Satellite (HTS). During the demo, a wideband 215 Msps single carrier with 225 MHz total bandwidth was used and data rates of 400 to 600 Mbps were achieved under ACM at any type of weather conditions.

Having a high-throughput satellite solution at sea is critical for the cruise industries,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director, digital products at WORK Microwave. “Working together with Intellian and Telesat, we are excited to offer a highly secure, resilient, and bandwidth-efficient solution for maritime satellite communications applications. During the test, we delivered 400 to 600 Mbps from a single carrier in partially harsh weather conditions, which is unprecedented in the satcom market.”

The maritime market is handling a growing amount of data, creating a requirement for reliable, cost-effective satellite communications systems. Seamless integration between WORK Microwave’s AX-80 wideband modem, Telesat’s T19 VANTAGE HTS, and Intellian’s v150NX Ka-band antenna ensures that maritime users are well equipped to address these challenges.

WORK Microwave’s AX-80 wideband modem supports 500 Msps bidirectional throughput, enabling exceptional spectrum output and high-quality signal transmission. Featuring a flexible, scalable design, the modem offers full throughput with 256APSK and 3 Gbps per direction without any compromises or tradeoffs. Using the AX-80 wideband modem on Telesat’s Ka-band HTS, maritime users can optimize the use of high-speed, IP-based broadband access.

Telesat’s T19 VANTAGE satellite operates from a prime orbital location of 63 degrees west, delivering unparalleled capacity, performance, and value for satellite broadband requirements at sea across the Americas and Atlantic. Intellian’s v150NX is the world’s first and only 1.5m Ku-to-Ka convertible VSAT for reliable, high-throughput broadband at sea.

WORK Microwave Teams Up With SAIT on High-Performance Downlink Solution for CubeSats and SmallSats

Companies to Demonstrate Advanced Demodulator and Transceiver at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019

HOLZKIRCHEN, Germany — Nov. 15, 2019 — WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced a new partnership with SAIT, a leader in the high-throughput data handling and transmission systems for small satellites and manned space systems, to provide downlinks for CubeSat and SmallSat applications. Recently, the companies completed a successful communication transmission test between WORK Microwave’s industry-leading AR-80 wideband demodulator and SAIT’s space qualified transceiver, proving that their combined solution is ready to power space, commercial, government, and science missions.

“Performance is an important metric of satellite communications equipment, especially for space missions,” said Andrew Kuzmenko, CTO at SAIT. “Teaming up with WORK Microwave, we are able to provide an extremely powerful and reliable solution for space-born missions and satellite earth observation.”

SAIT’s transmitter portfolio supports everything from CubeSats to large satellites and deep space spacecraft, offering up to 10 years’ design life. The company’s downlink transmitters feature the industry’s highest throughput, state-of-the-art adaptive error correction coding and modulation, flexible interface options, and small size, weight, and power.

Seamless integration between SAIT’s space transceiver and WORK Microwave’s AR-80 wideband demodulator ensures that satellite downlink operations run smoothly. WORK Microwave’s AR-80 demodulator offers an unparalleled high performance at one of the industry’s lowest price points for specialized satellite downlink receivers.

“From a technology perspective, SAIT and WORK Microwave are very compatible, each bringing distinct expertise to the satellite communications domain,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director of digital products, WORK Microwave. “Our AR-80 demodulator supports SAIT with efficient downlinks from their CubeSat transmitters, featuring 1+Gbps throughput to address the needs of mission customers.” 

A live demo of the combined solution will be shown at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 in Bremen, Germany, Nov. 19-22, at the SAIT booth #1014, Hall 4.

WORK Microwave Introduces World’s First Commercial V-Band Frequency Converters

Wideband Converters Cover the Complete Frequency Band Range From 47.20 to 51.40 GHz

WORK Microwave, a worldwide leading manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced the availability of the industry’s first V-Band frequency converters as a qualified product. The converters are available in various dimensions of outdoor housings and cover the full ITU uplink bandwidth range from 47.20 to 51.40 GHz, providing a full 4 GHz of bandwidth. As global consumption of bandwidth-intensive data and broadcast services increases, higher throughput satellites will be a requirement in the future. By offering V-Band-ready equipment, WORK Microwave is helping the satellite industry tackle this important challenge.

“Over the years, we have seen the industry move into new bands, from C- to Ku- and Ka-Band, in order to relieve pressure on available bandwidth. Now, it’s time to make use of the tremendous potential of future-forward technology like the V-Band,” said Matthias Stangl, director of analog satcom products at WORK Microwave. “Our V-Band converters set the benchmark for innovation thanks to a unique feature set and readiness to deploy in the real world. We are excited to lead this industry initiative and address the emerging commercial need for high-frequency Satcom equipment.”

Offering the first commercial delivery of V-Band converters validates WORK Microwave’s position as the industry’s leading provider of Satcom equipment. WORK Microwave’s converters offer unrivalled features and performance, including excellent phase noise, gain flatness, spurious response, group delay, and a multichannel architecture that allows wider coverage of each frequency band.

WORK Microwave Partners With Technical University of Munich on DVB-S2X Field Test

DVB-S2X Modems With Adaptive Coding and Modulation Technology are Proven to Increase Data Throughput and Service Availability, Even During Rain Fade

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that it has partnered with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Institute of Astronautics, to conduct a comprehensive field test on DVB-S2X and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) technologies. The main purpose of the field test was to prove that DVB-S2X modems with built-in ACM technology significantly increase data throughput and service availability in any weather environment. The field test was also embedded into the CopKa research project environment.

“High-capacity technology operating in the Ka-band offers major advantages over conventional satellite networks operating in Ku-band and lower frequencies, such as increased bandwidth and higher gain. Yet, diverse weather conditions have a greater impact in the Ka-band than at lower frequencies,” said Dr. Jürgen Letschnik, lecturer at Technical University of Munich. “With appropriate planning and implementation of well-designed ground equipment, there are ways to mitigate adverse weather effects. During this test, we were able to prove that WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2X modem is an effective solution.”

Due to the impact of rain fade and harsh weather conditions at higher transmission frequencies, ACM technology is a must within state-of-the-art Ka-band systems. During the field test, TUM deployed WORK Microwave’s AX-60 DVB-S2X and SK-IP DVB-S2 modems on the same satellite link and transponder to directly compare the performance of legacy and next-generation technologies. For the given link budget, ModCods of up to 256APSK could be used.

Throughout the test, regular weather circumstances and rain fade events occurred. The DVB-S2X technology showed an advantage for both clear sky conditions and rain fade events. TUM found that the overall data rate, even with rain fade, is higher with DVB-S2X than DVB-S2 equipment since DVB-S2X supports higher modulation schemes of up to 256APSK.

WORK Microwave’s AX-60 modem supports the DVB-S2X standard and advanced features such as higher modulation schemes, a finer granularity of ModCods, and cutting-edge filtering. ACM technology within the modem optimizes data throughput according to the current link situation and receiving conditions (e.g., rain events). As a result, utilization of the transponder resources and the system capacity increases.

“We’ve partnered with TUM on numerous research projects and field tests over the years and are excited to continue working with one of the largest and most notable German institutes of technology,” said Tobias Rutz, lead systems engineer, digital products, at WORK Microwave. “Based on the results of the field test, DVB-S2X modems featuring ACM technology are the most beneficial for operators in IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications.”

WORK Microwave Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018 Exhibitor Preview

WORK Microwave at Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018 — West Building, W-885

Speed and precision are critical parameters when measuring processed substances within the pharmaceutical, biopharma, nutraceutical, and medical device industries. If the moisture level or mass of pharmaceutical pills or capsules is incorrect, it can negatively impact business operations, causing waste and lost revenue.

At the Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018, WORK Microwave will showcase its high-precision sensor solutions, which offer continuous, rapid-speed inline measurements on production lines within the healthcare industry. Applications include liquid filling, moisture measurement, and weighing of substances such as gelatin capsules, compressed tablets, vitamin powders, ampoules, vials, and syringes.

Ultra-Precise, Rapid Moisture Measurement Demonstration for Capsules and Tablets
Measuring the moisture of pharmaceutical capsules is an exact science. At Healthcare Expo, WORK Microwave will demonstrate its specialized high-speed control and measurement sensor for capsules and tablets, which features a microwave sensor adapted to the size of the capsule. Using this system, pharmaceutical manufacturers can measure the moisture of large quantities of capsules. The small size of the sensor ensures easy integration into existing production machines. With this system in place, a measurement rate of more than 100,000 capsules per hour can be achieved.

High-Speed Mass Measurement Demonstration
WORK Microwave will demonstrate its high-performance solution for taking inline mass measurement of tablets and other smaller objects at Healthcare Expo, with measurements of up to 100,000 substances per hour. Thanks to an enhanced sensor design, pharmaceutical manufacturers no longer need to separate tablets and measurement scales; the sensor can be mounted directly onto the assembly line, continuing the flow of the tablet production.

WORK Microwave’s measurement process is seamless and accurate. An exact mass is taken while the tablet is moving though the microwave sensor at a rate down to 10 µs, which means that manufacturers can measure tablets during free-fall conditions. Tablets can pass by the sensor in any order; precise orientation is not needed.

Based on a flexible, modular design, the sensor system can easily be adapted to meet different measurement requirements, such as measuring large tablets or those with special shapes. The system consists of a control box containing the complete measurement electronics and high-speed data processing, along with the passive microwave sensor.

WORK Microwave IBC2018 Exhibitor Preview

As today’s satellite operators look to deliver higher quality broadcast and high-speed broadband offerings over constrained networks, the need for flexible, scalable and future-proof satcom solutions is even more important. At IBC2018, WORK Microwave — one of the only satellite technologies providers with an end-to-end solution for wideband applications — will provide a live demonstration of its new AX-80 modem, which is now shipping worldwide.

In addition, WORK Microwave will showcase an enhanced graphical user interface for its entire solutions portfolio. The new state-of-the-art design simplifies and improves the user experience, providing context-specific online help and a responsive layout with multiple windows on one screen.

Live Demo of AX-80 Wideband Modem

WORK Microwave will demonstrate the world’s first functional wideband modem that supports the DVB-S2X standard, with 500 Msps bi-directional throughput, at IBC2018. During a live demo, attendees can see the exceptional spectrum output and high-quality signal transmission enabled by the AX-80 modem. Integrated with 10G Ethernet interfaces, the modem supports full throughput with 256APSK and 3 Gbps per direction, without any compromises or tradeoffs.  Using this next-gen device, operators can optimize the use of high-speed, IP-based broadcast and broadband access in future Ka-band or Q/V band satellite systems with wideband transponders.

The modem is built using a flexible software-defined radio (SDR) architecture, which allows user-defined data processing for a wide range of applications and customized solutions. Featuring an all-IP structure, the AX-80 platform supports native network operation as well as data streaming over IP, providing satellite operators with the flexibility that is critical in today’s fast-changing connected world.

The AX-80 is an end-to-end wideband transmit and receive solution, which includes a modulator and demodulator in a single unit. While other wideband solutions are available on the market, most are prototypes. WORK Microwave’s AX-80 is fully functioning and now shipping worldwide.

3-Channel, V-Band Block Upconverter

WORK Microwave will demonstrate its 3-channel, V-band block upconverter at IBC2018. Offering support for higher frequencies, between 47.2 and 51.4 GHz, this innovative solution optimizes the use of Ultra High Throughput Satellites (UHTS). The V-band upconverter is perfect for early laboratory testing and has already been requested by global satellite operators to support secure, high-performance communications projects. Relying on the V-band spectrum, satellite operators can expand their capacity to keep pace with the demanding communications requirements fuelled by bandwidth-intensive broadcast and data services.

RSCC-X Compact Redundancy Switch 

WORK Microwave’s RSCC-X compact N+1 redundancy switch enables hot standby redundancy for up to eight modems or converters. The redundancy switching system monitors the health of the protected units and, in case of an alarm, copies the failed unit’s configuration to the redundant unit, automatically replacing the faulty unit’s functions with the spare (+1) unit.

The license-based switch supports 1+1 up to 8 + 1, making it easy for operators to scale up the system as its requirements grow in the future. When used in combination with the flexible ISM-8 switchbox, operators can effectively switch and monitor input and output signals. Until recently, this N:1 redundancy system only supported converters; now it has been enhanced to support WORK Microwave’s digital solutions, including modulators and modems.

Kiwisat to Launch New DTH Offering in the Caribbean With WORK Microwave DVB-S2X Modulator

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that satellite TV provider Kiwisat is using WORK Microwave’s DVB Satellite Broadcast Modulator for its new DTH offering in the Caribbean. Fully compliant with all DVB standards, including the latest and most efficient DVB-S2X specification, WORK Microwave’s modulator will provide Kiwisat with increased reliability and service uptime for the distribution of its next-generation DTH service.

“We are excited to be the first DTH platform in North America to rely on DVB-S2X,” said Andrew Wang, CEO of Kiwisat. “Featuring an innovative feature set, robust design, and full DVB support, WORK Microwave’s modulator is the perfect solution to support our new service.”

WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2X Satellite Broadcast Modulator is one of the industry’s only solutions that comes predistortion-ready for automatic group delay and nonlinearity compensation. Using this capability, Kiwisat can mitigate the negative effects in satellite filters and amplifiers, while reducing power and increasing beam coverage, throughput, and availability. By supporting DVB-S2X extensions, WORK Microwave’s DVB-S2X modulator provides Kiwisat with a future-proof platform that offers smaller roll-offs, advanced filtering, and higher modulation schemes for increased efficiency gains.

“Television choices in the Caribbean can be limited,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director, digital products at WORK Microwave. “Relying on a DVB-S2X platform, Kiwisat can boost its bandwidth efficiency and open up space for additional channels. This is a win-win situation, as it will enable subscribers to enjoy more high-quality content and increase profitability for Kiwisat.”

WORK Microwave Appoints Eric Lossouarn as Sales Representative for the APAC Region

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced that Eric Lossouarn has been assigned the title of sales representative for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Lossouarn is tasked with driving WORK Microwave business in the APAC region and providing first-hand services and recommendations to customers. He will report to Thomas Froehlich, CEO at WORK Microwave.

“Eric’s extensive knowledge of the APAC satcom market and culture, combined with his track record in business development, will be a huge asset to our customers in the region and to our company as we look to explore new areas of growth,” said Froehlich. “Eric is ideally qualified to develop WORK Microwave’s business in the APAC region and will work hard to bring it to the same level as our home markets in Europe and the United States.”

Lossouarn has more than 11 years of experience in the broadcast, satellite, and digital TV industries, with a successful history of growing international sales, penetrating new markets, and developing distribution networks within the APAC region. Eric was formerly vice president of sales in Singapore for TeamCast, where he was responsible for managing all sales operations in the APAC area, developing channel sales networks, and direct sales to satellite and terrestrial TV players. He holds two master’s degrees in information systems engineering and international business.

“WORK Microwave is an innovator and benchmark player in the satcom industry, and I am excited to be joining the team,” said Lossouarn. “I will be focused on supporting our customers to find optimum solutions for their current and future needs.”

With the appointment of Lossouarn as a local representative, WORK Microwave reinforces its ongoing commitment to its customers in the APAC region by being better able to meet customers’ and potential customers’ needs for high-performance satcom equipment.


WORK Microwave Partners With C2m Solutions to Improve QoS and QoE for Satellite Services

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, today announced a new partnership with C2m Solutions that allows satellite and other content operators to check the quality of video and audio streams in real time, even at the individual transmission stage. Integration between WORK Microwave’s AT-60 media modulator and the LiveTSAFT monitoring probe from C2m Solutions enables operators to receive alerts on events happening on each multiplex, without the need for separate probe equipment per multiplex. Integrating the probe inside the modulator optimizes space, energy consumption, and cooling requirements, while enabling satellite operators to deliver a superior quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) to viewers.

“C2m Solutions has grown successfully over the last few years, delivering state-of-the-art software probes, as standalone products, to customers including the top 10 operators in France and Europe. We are always looking for new ways to improve our technology and match the requirements of customers, and this collaboration with WORK Microwave is the perfect opportunity to do that,” said JF Jézéquel, co-president at C2m Solutions. “We selected WORK Microwave as our technology partner due to their well-known RF quality and strong footprint in the TV industry.’’

Today, it is critical that satellite operators have the ability to instantaneously validate the integrity of transmission, signaling, metadata, and content as well as audio track issues. Failure to identify and diagnose broadcast transmission issues typically results in poor QoE ratings for viewers, which can lead to churn, penalties stipulated in B2B carriage contracts, and loss of advertising revenues. Integrating a probe directly into the modulator helps operators ensure that the quality of the signal is correct at the output of the modulator, simplifying management of complex routing scenarios in teleports or large uplink stations.

C2m Solutions’ LiveTSAFT is a software-based analysis and error-detection probe that monitors MPEG-2 transport streams in real time. Using the probe, satellite operators can effectively manage QoE and QoS at every critical point of the IP network, analyzing all aspects of the stream, from the actual bandwidth per service to the presence of subtitles, multilanguage audio, different DVB tables, black screen, and more. The probe sends information that is stored in a database, giving operators the ability to calculate reports and statistics on the global quality of their service. Operators are alerted about video and audio issues in real time and can determine, through a centralized user interface, where the error exists and correct it as soon as possible.

WORK Microwave’s AT-60 modulator is part of the company’s A-Series modem platform, which provides a flexible DVB-S2X all-IP infrastructure. The AT-60 can be operated for both networking and streaming. A flexible license model for the AT-60 allows cost-effective operation in various transmission applications such as video contribution and distribution, VSAT hubs, and DTH uplinks.

“Today, consumers are more and more aware of the technical video quality of the programs they watch. For operators, it is necessary to monitor this quality and correct defects as quickly as possible,” said Joerg Rockstroh, director, digital products at WORK Microwave. “The benefit of this partnership is that we are able to provide satellite operators with a unified solution for satellite modulation, video and audio analytics, and error detection to boost QoE.”

C2m will demonstrate its solutions at IBC2017, Sept. 15-19 in Amsterdam at stand 2.B39.

WORK Microwave will demonstrate its AT-60 modulator at IBC2017 at stand 5.A77.