Echoing Marginalized Voices in PR

Our world is changing every minute of every day. At times the change is silent, but sometimes the rumble of that change raises its tone a bit higher to say, “Hey, take notice!” With recent social movements like Time’s Up, Me Too, and Black Lives Matter; open conversations about LGBTQ issues and sex positivism; and the political context of immigrants, DACA, and the DREAM Act, more news around diversity is now taking up space in news columns, and marginalized voices are making their stories heard.

What does this mean for PR, especially in a technology B2B space?

It means it’s a call for a new era. An era in which tech panel discussions are not dominated by white men in black suits, an era in which women engineers lean in to hear and learn from successful women innovators, an era in which a Latin TV engineer finds his voice to share stories from the field and provides valuable insights on regional deployment and cultural nuances.

These voices and stories need to be heard. As a marketing communications professional, don’t let these voices pass by you: Echo them. Play the marginalized card unapologetically to break barriers.

  • Have a talented young woman engineer in your company? Approach her with offers for media-training coaching. You’ll be amazed how many editors will want to hear her thoughts on where she thinks the industry is headed. Thought leadership doesn’t have to be validated only by the senior execs!
  • Reach out to the conference organizers at the next trade show where you are exhibiting and propose an inclusive panel that takes into consideration the marginalized voices from a deployment. Offer your company’s minority leader as the moderator.
  • Shine the light on your company’s woman leaders. Nominate the most deserving candidate for the next industry leadership award.
  • Do you offer a great diversity and inclusion program at the workplace? Play it right for a “Best Place to Work” award given by your local business press.
  • Go beyond the why of inclusion; show how. At 58 million and growing, Latinos are now the largest minority group in the U.S. Engage and partner with your local Hispanic Business Forum at its next event. Be seen in this community as a “race-positive” company. 

We are living in a time of social revolution. Embrace it! Spark a conversation, ignite interest, and build momentum to make the marginalized voices heard. 

Netra Ghosh, General Manager, Client Services
202 Communications