How to Keep the Buzz Going – Post-Trade Show

One conversation we frequently have, especially with new clients, is about how they can keep the news pipeline full and flowing in the weeks following a major industry event.

With IBC2018 just ending, this seems a good time to recap how you can remain in the news spotlight long after the show is over.

When it comes to news announcements, you naturally want to make noise around a major show such as IBC. However, during the stretch leading up to the show, major publications are literally swamped with press releases, invitations, and other show-related requests and information.

If you have several pieces of news or content to share, think about which ones might have an equal impact if they were released after the show or event. It is often in the post-show period that many publications are hungry for news. The chances of your news being lost in the noise are greatly reduced.

The post-show period is an excellent time to both produce and promote more detailed pieces of thought leadership content, such as white papers and case studies.

Of course, it is vital that you follow up on promising sales leads after  a trade show. But if you’re able to dedicate some time to producing a white paper or case study, the benefits can be significant. Once the content is created, you can promote it in numerous ways, including via your website and social media platforms, through a newsletter, or by your sales team at future trade shows and other industry events. You can also look to repurpose key aspects of the content for editorial placement in the trade press or to form the basis of a presentation.

If you would like to discuss how you can better manage your news pipeline, or if you don’t have time to create your own white papers or case studies, get in touch.

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