IBC Is 6 Weeks Away… Once It’s Over, Then What?

With IBC2018 now only about six weeks away — crazy but true — I want to share our list of top tips to help maximise visibility for your company and products at the show (you can find the list at the bottom of this post). Remember, this checklist is not just for IBC; you can apply it to any trade show or industry event.

Making a big impact at a major industry show like IBC is a vital component of your marketing strategy. With current and future customers and partners, not to mention the global trade press, all convening at the same location, the opportunities are significant. In the month or two leading up to a major industry event, we spend countless hours with our clients finessing their messaging, putting out press releases, and securing editorial opportunities. But what happens next? At 202 Communication, we know how critical it is that your post-show message doesn’t get lost during in the noise of a major industry event. All of that work put in to achieve visibility before and during a show is only the start of the story.

Once the show is over, building on the initial coverage is equally, if not more, important. To add to the momentum you achieved in the short term, start thinking about a strategy for your post-IBC content.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • What product announcements can you make after IBC to keep the news pipeline flowing?
  • Can any of the announcements that are made in the build-up to or at the show be repurposed into an article, case study, or white paper?
  • Can you promote any video interviews you did at the show via your website and social media platforms?

As you look forward to another IBC, make sure you keep looking beyond it too!

If you have any questions about planning for IBC, or any major event, please contact me at neil@202comms.com. We can help you maintain your marketing momentum before, during, and after every trade show.

Check out our trade show check list here.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications

neil howman