Maximise your trade show visibility

With your next trade show looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to share some tips about how to maximise the visibility of your company and products at the next show. The bonus is, of course, that these guidelines don’t just apply to BVE, NAB, or IBC — they’re good for any trade show.

Always plan well in advance and ensure your customers, sales prospects, and the trade media know you’re going to be exhibiting at the show. There are two easy ways to do this. First, produce a trade show preview and send it out to all the media platforms covering the event. Second, email all your customers and sales prospects, letting them know your booth number and what demos you’ll be highlighting.

Follow up your show preview with a press release that talks in more detail about one key product or major announcement you’ll be highlighting at the event. This will provide your potential booth visitors (i.e. your future customers) with more information about your activities and products.

Don’t miss out on industry awards and speaking opportunities. Your company stands to gain a lot of exposure by being shortlisted for an award or having a senior executive deliver a presentation or participate in a panel discussion. Often, all it takes is filling out an entry form, or drafting a short presentation outline.

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202 Communications Ultimate Trade Show Checklist

And, we’ve got resources that will help you snag speaking opportunities at trade shows and industry events. You can watch the video on our Speaking Appearances Checklist here.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications