Meet the 202 Communications Team

With preparations for IBC2019 well underway, I thought this would be the ideal time to introduce you to the 202 Communications team. 

We have several decades of combined experience working with a wide range of clients — large and small — around the world.

Netra Gosh
General Manager,
Client Services
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I was the first employee at 202 Communications, and I take immense pride in it! I was working at our sister agency, Wall Street Communications, when the partners offered me a position at this new little startup they had floated. I haven’t looked back since.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your job?

I love the fact that we get to play the David vs. Goliath game every day on behalf of our clients. We cater mostly to SMEs, and PR plays a massive role in their fight to shine the brightest. But, at the same time, they don’t have the budgets that larger enterprises enjoy, so we have to put in our creativity, grit, passion, experience, contacts, and pretty much everything we have to fight the good fight every day. I haven’t had one single boring day in the past several years. And I’m thankful for that!

Please identify two or three of the key needs your clients have at the moment.

As our lives become increasingly digital, PR is evolving into so many diverse concepts: digital relationships, influencer marketing, SEO visibility. Our clients are often scared to navigate social media because they don’t even know where to start. We can help with that.

Moe Lokat
Senior Account Manager

London, UK

I’m a former journalist with more than 14 years of PR and communications experience in the tech world, with around eight of those years spent specifically in the media and broadcast space. Having worked in pure PR as well as integrated agencies, with clients ranging from startups to global blue chip companies, I have a good understanding of how the marketing and communications mix works, across a broad range of entities.

As a Senior Account Manager at 202, key aspects of my job include working closely with clients to ensure they are maximizing their communications opportunities and their PR and communication plans, as well as effectively executing strategies and tactics. I’m also here in a consulting capacity, offering advice and counseling to clients and integrating seamlessly into their marketing teams.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your job?

One of the most satisfying aspects of my role at 202 is the strong team ethic that exists across the company. I love having the chance to work with smart individuals that you can draw on for ideas, inspiration, and simply getting the job done to the best of our abilities for our clients.

Please identify two or three of the key needs your clients have at the moment.

My clients want to increase share of voice and highlight major successes to keep pace with, and ultimately overtake, key competitors in terms of industry presence and recognition. They want to plan for and create positive perceptions externally as major internal changes take shape. And they’re looking to capitalize on recent successes and buzz generated, using strategies such as thought leadership, awards, speaking opportunities, and media relations that will take them to new levels of heightened awareness in the media and broadcast world.

Angela Snell
Senior Writer
Overland Park, Kansas, USA

I have a journalism degree from Drake University and worked as an editor at Broadcast Engineering magazine for many years, where I honed my technical knowledge of the broadcast, cable, satellite, and mobile industries.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your job?

I love being a writer at 202 Communications, because every day I am learning about new technologies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation. I enjoy helping our clients get increased exposure. When I see the final product — a published magazine article, press release, or white paper — there’s a sense of appreciation for all of the various components and hard work that went into making that a polished piece.

What types of content are clients currently needing the most help with?  

Beyond traditional marketing materials like press releases, our clients need help with thought leadership articles and white papers that really show they’re an expert in the market. There also seems to be an increased demand for blog posts, which are a casual and more conversational way for our clients to communicate their expertise and report on industry trends.

Jenna Elegante

Marketing Operations
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

As manager of marketing operations, I work to ensure a high standard of quality for all clients at 202 Communications. From managing the email distribution process to upkeep of the team’s extensive contact database, I continuously strive to assure excellence for all of our clients and their teams. I also pride myself as the go-to for any of those “weird” little things I can help with that may make my coworkers’ lives easier. I’m working at increasing my knowledge of HTML and other coding languages to proactively expand our reach in the industry. 

Amy Gaylord
Accounting Specialist

Sherwood, Oregon, USA

After dedicating nearly two decades to training horses, the imminent arrival of my second child motivated me to make a career change. As fate would have it, Dundee Hills Group — and 202 Communications — had just opened a satellite office down the road, and my business skills were a match for the advertised bookkeeper position.

As accounting specialist, I manage the agency’s bookkeeping and finances. Additionally, I provide support to marketing operations and have been expanding my digital production skills to assist with social media graphics and website updates.

Cindy Ryan
Marketing Operations Assistant

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I’m a highly adaptable, analytical problem-solver with many years of experience in management of small businesses for expert owners, and in print journalism.

My realm at 202 Communications is press release distribution, from the coordination of proofs and HTML builds to distributions scheduled via the company database, along with posts to online briefing rooms.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication and journalism, I am also the owner of a B2B editing and proofreading business.

If you think the 202 Communications team can help you with your content creation, content marketing, or media relations ahead of IBC, or any other major industry tradeshow or event, then please get in touch at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications

neil howman